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O-Level Accounting Teacher in Islamabad

Cambridge Teacher Business Accounts

We have compiled a List of Best O-Level Accounting Teacher in Islamabad. The selected teachers have teaching experience of 5 to 25 years in Roots School System, Beaconhouse School System, DHAI Education System, ASAS Academy and Super Nova School System.

O-Level Accounting Tutor in Islamabad

These Accounting Teachers have a grip on their subject and most of them have their own well crafted O-Level Accounting Notes, Topical and Past Papers for better preparation of 7110 O Level Accounting.

We also have compiled a list of Best IGCSE O-Level Accounting Tutor in Islamabad or if you are looking for best AS/A Level Accounting Teachers in Islamabad.

These teachers are selected on the basis of their Accounting Qualification, Experience in Corporate Sector, Personalized Notes, Updated Accounting Topical, Accounting Past Papers Summarized reporting and most of all the reviews submitted by their Students. Here is the list in Alphabetical Order.

1. Sir Afzal Shad

O/A Level Teacher Business Accounts

Sir Afzal Shad having his Maters in Business (Finance) from UAAR, Rawalpindi and CCMA from CIMA (UK) have got 15+ years of experience in multiple fields including; Corporate Accounting, Financial Analyst, Corporate Manager and Business Development. A teacher by choice, teaching IGCSE, O-Level and AS/A Level Accounting in Islamabad.

Having diverse experience in management of Logistics, Construction, Restaurants, Import, Trading, Social Development and Academia; Sir Afzal believes that his students will become Social Entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

His Books for IG/O/A Level Students include:

  • Games of Accounting: Season 1 (Notes for IGCSE/O Level Students)
  • Games of Accounting: Season 2 (Notes for AS/A Level Students)
  • Accounting Topical for Dummies – IGCSE/O Level Students
  • Games of Business: Season 1 (Notes for IGCSE/O Level Students)

3. Sir Muzammil Ameer

O-Level Accounting Tutor in Islamabad

CMA from ICMAP and Bachelors in Economics having 13+ years of Experience. Remained permanent teacher of Business, Accounts &Commerce in Beaconhouse School System and City School System.

A prestigious and well known name among Business & Accounting Teachers, currently teaching at Beaconhouse BMI Campus, Islamabad to O-Level Students. His writings include:

  • Resource Pack for Accounting (O/A Level)
  • Commerce Resource Pack (O/A Level)
  • Resource Pack for Business (O/A Level)

2. Sir Sarfraz Shahid

O-Level Accounting Tutor in Islamabad

An M.Phil in Education Planning & Management with Masters in Business Administration. Having market experience of 18+ years in fields of Education, Teaching, Coordination and School Management.

A Teacher of Accounts & Business Studies for 10+ years in Islamabad. Currently designated as Vice Principal of Islamabad Convent School having string expertise in Accounting, Management, Computer Sciences and Academics. Believes in methodology of “Strive & Get”.

4. Sir Shenazar Dean

O-Level Accounting Tutor in Islamabad

Teacher of Business & Accounts at Saint Mary’s Cambridge School, Islamabad. More details (coming up)

5. Sir Khawar

Teacher of Business & Accounts at Beaconhouse, Islamabad. More details (coming up)

All of the teacher in given list are teaching in Top 10 Cambridge Schools in Islamabad

Please share your favorite O-Level Accounting Tutor in Islamabad in comments section below. It will be updated on our next List of Best Accounting Teachers in Islamabad – 2019/20.

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